Forming Relationships at a Distance


Meeting in Person

Getting to know each other through correspondence and phone calls is a wonderful way to begin a relationship, but it is not always physically satisfying. Humans are generally tactile, and that element is missing in a relationship where two people have never been together except through various media. Meeting in person for the first time can be when their relationship will be made or broken, and it can make each of them nervous as they head for their personal rendezvous.

Knowing another person through writing and talking is a great way to avoid the distraction of physicality, but it is an element of most lasting relationships. Partners who are ready to get together in real life will often find they have worries about being accepted as they begin their journey. They may wonder if they are too tall, too short, too thin or fat, and they could even wonder if the way they walk or move will affect their current happy relationship.

Nervousness aside, the travel alone may be difficult for each of them. They could find flight delays, the train could be stuck at a crossing, or they might find the weather will keep them from reaching their destination on time. All of these factors could make them wonder if their relationship is worth pursuing, but the smile of their significant other upon seeing them and the first hug could make all their concerns evaporate. While the travel might be strenuous, meeting each other in their chosen location can bring out what they love best about the other person.

Many have been the times when relationships begun over a long distance have foundered due to a lack of easy communication, but that is not as much of an issue in the modern world of electronics. For those who have found the person they want through communication media, being able to be with them in person could be the dream of a lifetime that may even turn into a permanent relationship.