Forming Relationships at a Distance


Together in Real Life

The virtual world of electronics has brought many positive changes to the world, but it is still no substitute for being with a loved one. While it can stave off the inevitable feelings of loneliness or abandonment, it may not completely satisfy either partner. Communicating through words and voice is a good way to start off, but being together in real life is what matters most to the majority of people in a relationship over a distance.

Touching is all part of the human experience when it comes to a good relationship, and that is what many couples may miss as they communicate electronically. Holding hands, kissing, and even just being able to watch the other person’s movements when walking are all part of the romantic relationship. These missing elements can be partially compensated through modern communication methods, but it does leave something to be desired for most people.

Getting together in person is an attractive dream for many. A couple could spend months planning their time together, and they may even accomplish it if their luck holds. This is when they often find out whether or not the other person is too good to be true. It can make or break their relationship when they finally meet, so it is a major step along their path together. Being able to hug the other person could start off as awkward, but the pair may be able to quickly adjust to the good feeling they get from touching each other.

Real life has not substitute for many, and it should be a factor when considering a relationship over a long distance. If the couple knows they can be together on a regular basis, it could work out for both of them. If their time spent in real life as a couple is always going to be limited, then they might decide to end it before they are too embroiled in the emotional angst it can cause.